Stop Ocean Grabbing - Vores hav er ikke til salg

Vores hav er ikke til salg

Småfiskere verden over samles i kampen mod Ocean Grabbing

Ocean Grabbing, betyder at millioner af småfiskere verden over fratages adgangen til havet. Det sker helt uden, at de bliver inddraget.

Ocean Grabbing påvirker millioner af småfiskere, og har alvorlige konsekvenser for havmiljøer og små kystsamfund i både Syd og Nord. Derfor bør det stoppes.

Skriv under og støt småfiskere verden over

Skriv under på brevet til Nordisk Ministerråd og kræv, at de nordiske regeringer trækker deres støtte til Ocean Grabbing.

To the Nordic Council’s General Secretary and the Danish Minister for Nordic Cooperation

I am writing to you to protest against the Nordic Council’s membership in the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans. The Nordic Council joined the program in 2013 without any consultation with the Ministers or Parliamentarians from the member states. An in-depth discussion of the Global Partnership for Oceans could have revealed that in contradiction to its image as a major step towards ‘sustainability’ the Global Partnership for Oceans sidelines the needs and interests of small-scale fishing communities.

I would in that regard like to refer you to the ‘Call on Governments’ made by the two international fisher people’s organizations, the World Forum of Fisher Peoples and the World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish Workers. In this document, the two organizations, together representing over ten million fisher people, strongly call on governments to stop supporting the GPO, as the program  will lead to mass dispossession of small-scale fishing communities around the world through the process of ‘ocean grabbing’. While the GPO, as you know, has a broad list of partners, upon closer scrutiny it becomes clear that none of these actually represent the fisher people on the ground that stand to be most affected by the GPO. As a result, the call also scalds the GPO for being fundamentally undemocratic in nature. This clear call from the world's fisher peoples and their organizations should therefore be taken closely into consideration by all of the current GPO partners and the World Bank itself.

Aside from this call, I would also like to draw your attention to a recent report published by a number of different organizations on the topic of ‘ocean grabbing’. Being the first report to engage with ‘ocean grabbing’, the report aims to cast new light on important processes and dynamics that are negatively affecting the people and communities whose way of life, cultural identity and food sovereignty depend on small-scale fishing and closely related activities. Also here, the case is made that the GPO stands to be a significant driver of ocean grabbing at a global scale, and, the report concludes, the GPO must therefore be opposed. Instead, fisheries policy reforms, which are no doubt needed, should be driven by a bottom-up, inclusive process and based on the needs and interests of the actual people on the ground. The recently endorsed FAO- International Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries were developed with the inclusive and democratic participation of state and non-state stakeholders and the world's fisher peoples played a prominent role in the process. The objectives of the guidelines makes it abundantly clear that the participation of fisher people in decision making processes is a fundamental principle in fisheries governance.

As a ‘partner’ to the GPO, the Nordic Council and its governments are providing political legitimacy to the highly controversial program, thereby acting in direct opposition to the demands and interests of the world’s fisher people.

I would therefore once again urge you to listen to the small-scale fishers of the world and withdraw from the GPO.

Yours Sincerely,

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